Trekking in Mount Latmos and around Lake Bafa

Below is a short description of the Trekking routes;
Yedi Kardeşler (Seven Brothers) Monastery Trek. Round trip of 12 km and 5 hours of walking. Neolithic cave paintings dating back 8-10,000 years, the 7th century Yedi Kardeşler Monastery, and frescos of Jesus can all be seen.
Altitude: 240 m

King’s Road and Stylos Monastery Trek


Round trip of 22 km, and approximately 9 hours of walking. This route follows the King’s Road built by the Persians. It leads to the famous Stylos Monastery, home to St Paul the Younger, where frescos from the 10th century can be seen.
Altitude: 640 m


Ancient City Walls Trekking

Approximately 3.5 hours of walking. You will see the King’s Road, the 6,500m city walls, the magnificent watch towers and the beautiful landscape of Lake Bafa. There will be time to explore the ruins of the ancient city of Herakleia at the village of Kapıkırı (Temple of Athena, Agora, Temple of Endymion etc).

Karahayıt Balıktaş Cave Trekkking

This involves travel by vehicle to Karahayıt village where you can visit the red and yellow frescos which date back to the prehistoric period, 8-10,000 years ago.


Jesus Caves Trekking
Walking among the huge metamorphic rocks of Mount Latmos, at the site of the first settlements of Latmos Herakleia, you will find the mysterious Jesus Caves with paintings on the rock walls, frescos, and tombs.


Gökkaya and Kiliselik Trek

Accompanied by wonderful views of Lake Bafa, this 6.5-hour walk takes you to the İkizce Islands near the shores of Lake Bafa where, after visiting the monastery and frescos dating from the time of Jesus, you can end the day with a cooling swim in the lake.


Ionian Marble Quarry Trekking


To the south of Lake Bafa, a 4-hour comfortable walk takes you to the site of an Ionian settlement. Here you will discover a monastery and a marble quarry which produced the huge marble columns used in the construction of the Temple of Apollo at Didim. This is also an important botanical and bird watching region.

The two brothers Kubilay and Tamer were very friendly and entertaining and most keen to please. Their families were charming particularly the children. The fresh food from their farm was outstandingly well presented and delicious. The countryside and lake were beautiful. We really enjoyed the boat trip.”

Deborah, Bakersfield (US

Friendly, beatiful view, good service and eating. Very quiet. Bafa lake is very nice and we liked swimming around the isle.”


This place is well off the beaten track and very suitable for anyone wanting to get away from it all and relax. The proprietors are an excellent couple of chaps (and their families) who can arrange just about anything for you - plus they have a great sense of humour and are very sociable. There's tonnes to explore in the local area, though just chillin in the heat under the trees is amazing.”

John Miles, Leeds (GB)

“Excellent food (breakfast & dinner included), gorgeous location near the lake and ruins, unfortunately, I can't comment on the guide service due to inclement weather during our stay.”

Cindy Hamil, Salt Lake City, Utah (US)