What is the EP in life insurance? (2024)

What is the EP in life insurance?

Earned premium (EP) is that part of a policy's premium that applies to the expired portion of the policy.

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What is EP premium?

The solution is the engine protection (EP) cover. You can avail of the benefits of this add-on cover by paying an additional premium. As the name suggests, the engine protection or EP cover reimburses the bill if the engine sustains damage due to water ingression, lubricant oil leakage, or a hydraulic lock fault.

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Why do I have to pay earned premium?

The term earned premium refers to the premium collected by an insurance company for the portion of a policy that has expired. It is what the insured party has paid for a portion of time in which the insurance policy was in effect, but has since expired.

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What is the earned premium for dummies?

The term earned premium refers to the amount that an insurance company has received for the portion of an expiring policy. It is what the insured party pays for a portion of the time that the insurance policy was in place, but has expired since.

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What is an example of a fully earned premium?

Insuranceopedia Explains Premiums Are Fully Earned

For example, if a $10,000 premium was received for an insurance policy that was supposed to last for two years, and one year has passed, then the earned premium would be $5,000 (50% of 10,000).

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What is the fully earned policy fee?

Fully Earned Premium – The amount of premium that is retained by the insurance company regardless how long you have the policy. For example, an insurance company has a $50 fully earned policy fee. You purchase the policy and cancel it the same day.

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What is an example of an unearned premium?

Because canceling a policy may mean issuing a refund, unearned premiums appear as liabilities on an insurance company's balance sheet. For example, an insurance company receives $600 on January 27 for coverage from February 1 to July 31, but as of January 31, the $600 has not been earned.

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What is the minimum earned premium in insurance?

A minimum earned premium is the specific proportion of your premium an insurer will collect if you cancel your coverage before the end of your term. Depending on your policy details, it may be up to 100% of your term payment or lower.

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Why do you pay a premium for life insurance?

Simply put, “premium” means a payment. It's the amount of money you pay your life insurance company in exchange for your coverage. The payout itself (called a death benefit) is the amount of money the life insurance company would pay your beneficiaries if you, the policy owner, died while covered by the policy.

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Is earned premium refundable?

For example, say you have a $500 premium on a one-year policy, and at the six-month mark, you decide to cancel coverage. If the insurance company has no minimum earned premium in place, it would refund you the remaining premium. In this case, that would be $250, half of the $500 premium.

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What is the difference between premium and earned premium?

A premium is associated with any insurance policy and is simply the price. It's the amount of money owed for the specific terms of a policy. So, the terms “earned premium” and “unearned premium” just refer to specific portions of your total premium from the insurance company's perspective.

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What is the difference between paid premium and earned premium?

An insurance premium is the amount you pay to get coverage during a policy term. The earned premium is the portion of the total premium an insurance company can show on its income statement as revenue, which is also known as “recognizing” the revenue.

What is the EP in life insurance? (2024)
What does 25% minimum earned premium mean?

What Does Minimum Earned Premium Mean? A minimum earned premium is the lowest payment an insurer will accept to provide coverage for a policy period. If a client cancels a policy under this arrangement, the insurer will only refund the premium above the agreed minimum.

What are the three types of premiums?

Types of Insurance Premiums
  • Life. Life insurance premiums are determined by your personal information, including your age, health, and medical record. ...
  • Health. Some individuals may receive health insurance coverage from their employer, so they may not need to pay for the premium. ...
  • Auto. ...
  • Homeowners. ...
  • Renters.

How do you calculate earned premium?

Calculating Earned Premium

For example if a 365 day policy with a full premium payment at the commencement of the insurance has been in effect for 180 days, 180/365 of the premium can be considered as being Earned. This will also mean that 185/365 of the premium would have to be considered unearned.

Can earned premium be negative?

This can lead to some unusual and controversial earning patterns; there are even situations where negative premium is earned. In addition, the earning pattern for a particular loss scenario can differ materially from the earning pattern that is expected when the contract is written.

What does paid as earned mean in insurance?

As earned commissions are the commissions you make as you close out on policies. This isn't the primary option for many insurance agents who are just starting in their career, as it can take some time to build up the business to a livable wage.

Why do insurance companies charge a policy fee?

Your premiums should cover the cost of managing your policy over time, right? They should, but there may come times when your policy needs additional attention from the insurance company. To ensure they get compensated for that extra time, they may charge a policy fee.

What is minimum earned and deposit premium?

Minimum and deposit premium is a premium that is fully earned by the insurer at the inception of the policy and is nonrefundable if the policy is canceled.

What does fully earned premium mean?

Reviewed by Stefan Tirschler. Updated May 30, 2023. earned·pre·mi·um | ˈər-nəd ˈprē-mē-əm. Definition: The portion of payment for an insurance policy representing the duration of the policy term that has elapsed. Ron cancelled his insurance policy and received a full refund less the earned premium.

What is the difference between earned and unearned premiums?

Although insurance premiums are often paid in advance, insurers typically "earn" the premium at an even rate throughout the policy term. The unearned portion of the premium that has been paid is kept in the "unearned premium reserve."

What does 100 earned premium mean?

Some policies are subject to a 100% minimum earned premium. This means you can cancel the policy early, but will be on the hook for paying the full premium anyway. In this case, there is no benefit or reason to cancel the policy prior to the expiration date.

Why is earned premium higher than written premium?

Gross earned premium differs from the total sum of premiums actually received in that period (the 'gross written premium'), this is because insurance premiums are often received in full at the start of an insurance contract, while the insurance cover often starts part way through a fiscal period; in accordance with the ...

What is the difference between written premium and earned premium in insurance?

Key Takeaways

Written premiums stand in contrast to earned premiums, which is what an insurance company actually books as earnings. Written premiums are the principal source of an insurance company's revenues and appear on the top line of the income statement.

How do you calculate net earned premium in insurance?

What Is Net Premium? Net premium, an insurance industry accounting term, is calculated as the expected present value (PV) of an insurance policy's benefits, minus the expected PV of future premiums. The net premium calculation does not take into account future expenses associated with maintaining the insurance policy.


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