Is there a database to find life insurance policies? (2024)

Is there a database to find life insurance policies?

If you suspect that a loved one had a life policy, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has created a Life Insurance Policy Locator service to help consumers locate benefits from life insurance policies or annuity contracts purchased anywhere in the United States.

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Can you look up someone's life insurance policy?

Search with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC): NAIC has an online Life Insurance Policy Locator Service that uses the deceased's name to search the records of participating life insurance companies. This service is free, confidential, and easy to use.

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How can I find all of my life insurance policies?

A good place to start looking for a lost life insurance policy is the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' Life Insurance Policy Locator Service. The NAIC has a free online search database that you can use to help find an unclaimed life insurance policy.

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How to find a hidden life insurance policy?

There are several ways to find someone's life insurance policy, including:
  1. Using Life Policy Locators from NAIC, MIB Group, or NAUPA.
  2. Reaching out to financial contacts.
  3. Combing through old documentation.
  4. Submitting a request to state registries.
  5. Reaching out to the life insurance company directly.

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How do I find life insurance policies when someone dies?

In your web browser, navigate to, hover over Consumer, and click Life Insurance Policy Locator under Tools. Submit a search request by entering the deceased's information from the death certificate: Social Security number. Legal first name.

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How to find out if someone has a life insurance policy on you for free?

You might want to contact the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) for their free Life Insurance Policy Locator Service, which looks for policies on the databases of many insurance companies. Another great resource could be your state's Department of Insurance (DOI).

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How to find lost life insurance policies for free?

In your web browser, go to, hover over Consumer, and click Life Insurance Policy Locator under Tools.
  1. Login and agree to the process.
  2. Enter your name and address.
  3. Submit a search request by entering the deceased's information from the death certificate: Social Security number. Legal first name. Legal last name.
Sep 16, 2022

Is there a database to find life insurance policies? (2024)
What happens to unclaimed life insurance policies?

After an insurance company learns of a policyholder's death, the law requires the insurer to try to find the beneficiaries of the policy. But in cases where the company can't locate beneficiaries in a certain period, every state requires the company to turn over the unclaimed life insurance proceeds to the state.

Is an old life insurance policy worth anything?

In some cases, the policy is worth up to 60% of its death benefit on the secondary market. Life settlement proceeds can be used for any purpose, including debt paydown, healthcare bills, or even bucket-list spending. Viatical settlement proceeds are normally used to pay for end-of-life care.

How does a beneficiary claim life insurance?

To file a claim, the beneficiary will need to notify the insurance company's claims department. The claims department then sends a form for the beneficiary to complete and return along with the policy and a certified copy of the insured's death certificate.

Can you find life insurance policy with Social Security number?

Try the NAIC Life Insurance Policy Locator Service

To use the service, you must have the suspected policyholder's legal name, Social Security number and dates of birth and death. Information submitted to the NAIC is submitted to participating insurance companies, which search their records for open policies.

How do you find out if you are a beneficiary?

How to find out if you've been named a beneficiary
  1. Talk to your loved one while they're still alive. ...
  2. Look through financial documents. ...
  3. Contact the life insurance company. ...
  4. Use a life insurance policy locator. ...
  5. Check with the policyholder's state.

What is the NAIC database?

Last Updated 8/23/2023. The NAIC Financial Data Repository (FDR) is a centralized warehouse of financial data to be used primarily by state regulators as well as other policymakers and academics.

Do life insurance companies contact beneficiaries?

Once a policyholder has passed away, beneficiaries typically receive life insurance notification within 90 days of the death. However, this can vary depending on the insurer, and whether they're able to locate all beneficiaries.

Who inherits life insurance if beneficiary is deceased?

If you named more than one primary beneficiary and one of them dies, the remaining beneficiaries would be entitled to the death benefit. Typically, they'd each receive the same amount of money, but you can request a different type of distribution if you'd like.

Who you should never name as beneficiary?

Naming your estate as your beneficiary could give creditors access to your life insurance death benefit, which means your loved ones could get less money. It's also not recommended to list a minor as a beneficiary, because they have to wait until they're a legal adult to gain access to the payout.

How long does it take for a beneficiary to receive money from life insurance?

In many cases, it takes anywhere from 14 to 60 days for beneficiaries to receive a life insurance payout. But many factors impact this time frame. These include the insurance company's procedures, when the claim is filed, how long the policy was active, the cause of death, and state laws regarding insurance payouts.

Can a life insurance beneficiary be changed after death?

Choosing who will receive your assets or the payout (called a “death benefit”) from your life insurance policies is a decision you should consider carefully, because a beneficiary designation can't be changed or corrected after you're gone.

How do I collect money from a deceased relative?

The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA) is one such service, and NAUPA-endorsed is another unclaimed life insurance database worth checking out. State insurance department — You can also contact your state insurance department (insurance is regulated at the state level).

Is there a national registry for life insurance?

While there is no national database for all life insurance policies, you can try using the NAIC's Life Insurance Policy Locator Service. It's a free tool, though you must have basic information about the person who passed and be a possible beneficiary to search records of participating life insurance companies.

Does life insurance pay if you go missing?

If the court issues a missing person declaration, the beneficiary can take it to the carrier and get a conditional payout under the rebuttable presumption of death. In this scenario, evidence can be brought at any time to prove the missing person is still alive.

How long after a death can you claim life insurance?

There is no time limit for beneficiaries to file a life insurance claim. However, the sooner you file a claim for a death benefit, the sooner you will receive your money. Filing as soon as possible makes sense because the insurer could need a month or longer to investigate the claim before paying out.

How long does unclaimed life insurance last?

What happens if a life insurance policy goes unclaimed? Each state has its own regulations, but typically after three years, unclaimed life insurance benefit money is transferred from the insurance company to the policyholder's last known state of residence.

Can I cash in an old life insurance policy?

You can cash out a life insurance policy. How much money you get for it will depend on the amount of cash value held in it. If you have, say $10,000 of accumulated cash value, you would be entitled to withdraw up to all of that amount (less any surrender fees). At that point, however, your policy would be terminated.

How much cash is a $100 000 life insurance policy worth?

However, most people receive around 20% of the face value on average, according to LISA. So, if we're using that 20% average to calculate the cash value of a $100,000 life insurance policy, the cash value of the policy would be $20,000.


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